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Urhobo MaskIhwo r’ Urhobo (Urhobo people) are a people of southern Nigeria, specifically the northwestern Niger River delta. Urhobo is the major ethnic group in Delta State—Delta State being one of the 36 states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Urhobo language is classified under the Niger-Congo group; the Urhobo nation consists of twenty-two units or clans.

Urhobo number over half a million according to the Nigerian 1963 census and is classified among the first ten major ethnic groups in Nigeria. Urhoboland is bounded by latitudes 6°and 5° ,15° north and longitudes 5°, 40° and 6° ,25° west, and by the following neighbors: Isoko to the southeast, Itsekiri to the west, Bini to the north, Ijaw to the south and Ukwani to the northeast. The natural vegetation of Urhoboland is the tropical rain forest.

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